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20th September 2013

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Here’s my first geek project. Those that have played Portal might recognize this shape. Wheatley has already been done and done very well. This will be my favorite core, the Space Core. This started out as a 12inch Styrofoam sphere that I purchased already cut into two hemispheres from Hobby Lobby. I then started drawing and cutting. The rings are from the sewing department of Walmart. I have an MP3 trigger a friend gave me and will be wiring up some switches so I can make the core talk. The eye will be animated with a puppet rig. I have a lot of work ahead of me but thankfully I have until February 2014 where Space Core will be wandering the halls of Pensacon jabbering at everyone. I’m hoping to run across a few Chells, Aperture techs, and Dovahkiin that will pose with him.

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